The Beatles - Come Together - 1969


Come Together is a song by the Beatles, written primarily by John Lennon and credited to Lennon–McCartney. Released as a single in 1969, and as the opening track on the album Abbey Road, it was a number one hit in the US. Its distinctive style and cryptic lyrics have fascinated fans and music scholars for decades.

Background and Composition

Come Together was originally written by John Lennon for Timothy Leary's campaign for governor of California against Ronald Reagan, which explains its enigmatic and revolutionary lyrics. However, its ultimate use in Abbey Road marked a significant shift from its political roots. The song's structure and Lennon's bluesy vocal performance reflect an evolution in the Beatles' music style.

  1. John Lennon's Contribution: Explore Lennon's role in the Beatles and his influence on their music.
  2. Abbey Road: Discover more about the album that featured "Come Together".
  3. Timothy Leary Campaign: Learn about the political campaign that inspired the song.

Musical Elements

The song features a distinctive bassline and drum pattern. Lennon's vocal delivery, described as "laid-back" and "almost spoken," is a defining element. The track also includes various innovative studio techniques, such as direct injection of the bass guitar into the mixing console and Lennon's vocal processed through a Leslie speaker.

  1. Bass Techniques: Understand the role of bass in rock music.
  2. Studio Techniques: Learn about the innovative recording methods used by the Beatles.

Lyrics and Interpretation

The lyrics of "Come Together" are famously obscure, prompting much speculation. Phrases like "he's got joo-joo eyeball" and "he bag production" have been interpreted in various ways, reflecting Lennon's penchant for surreal imagery and wordplay.

  1. Analyzing Lyrics: Dive into the art of interpreting song lyrics.
  2. Surrealism in Music: Explore how surrealism influences music and lyrics.

Interactive Tasks

Quiz: Questions on the song

What was the original purpose of "Come Together"? (For Timothy Leary's political campaign) (!To promote peace activism) (!As a theme song for a movie) (!For an advertisement)

Which album features "Come Together" as the opening track? (Abbey Road) (!Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) (!Let It Be) (!Rubber Soul)

What is a distinctive musical feature of "Come Together"? (Unique bassline and drum pattern) (!Extensive use of the sitar) (!Orchestral backing) (!Reverse guitar solos)

How is John Lennon's vocal delivery in "Come Together" described? (Laid-back and almost spoken) (!High-pitched and falsetto) (!Rapid-fire and staccato) (!Harmonized with multiple layers)

In what year was "Come Together" released as a single? (1969) (!1967) (!1970) (!1965)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

Which band member primarily wrote "Come Together"? (John Lennon) (!Paul McCartney) (!George Harrison) (!Ringo Starr)

For which political figure was "Come Together" originally written? (Timothy Leary) (!Ronald Reagan) (!Richard Nixon) (!John F. Kennedy)

In which musical era of the Beatles does "Come Together" belong? (Late Beatles era) (!Early Beatles era) (!Beatlemania era) (!Psychedelic era)

What was John Lennon's role in the Beatles? (Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist) (!Lead guitarist and backup vocalist) (!Drummer) (!Bass guitarist)

Which Beatles album marked the transition to a more mature and experimental sound, including songs like "Come Together"? (Abbey Road) (!The White Album) (!Help!) (!A Hard Day's Night)

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

What theme is prominent in the lyrics of "Come Together"? (Surrealism and abstract imagery) (!Love and relationships) (!Political protest) (!Nature and peace)

Which phrase from "Come Together" reflects John Lennon's love for wordplay? ("He's got joo-joo eyeball") (!"Love, love me do") (!"All you need is love") (!"Here comes the sun")

How have the lyrics of "Come Together" been described? (Obscure and open to interpretation) (!Clear and straightforward) (!Focused on social issues) (!Romantic and poetic)

What kind of lyrical style is "Come Together" known for? (Cryptic and unconventional) (!Narrative and story-telling) (!Repetitive and simple) (!Descriptive and detailed)

Which line from "Come Together" suggests a blues influence? ("He bag production, he got walrus gumboot") (!"I want to hold your hand") (!"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away") (!"Lucy in the sky with diamonds")


Abbey Road The album featuring "Come Together"
John Lennon Primary writer of "Come Together"
Timothy Leary The political figure for whom the song was originally written
1969 The year "Come Together" was released as a single
Bassline and Drum Pattern Distinctive musical features of "Come Together"

Open Tasks


  1. Research Music Genres: Explore different music genres and how "Come Together" incorporates elements of blues and rock.
  2. Analyze a Beatles Song: Choose another Beatles song and analyze its lyrics and music style.


  1. Create a Music Video: Design and create a music video for "Come Together", focusing on its themes and musical style.
  2. Write a Song Review: Write a detailed review of "Come Together", discussing its musical, lyrical, and historical significance.


  1. Compose a Song Inspired by the Beatles: Compose your own song inspired by the Beatles, particularly focusing on the style of "Come Together".
  2. Research and Presentation on the Beatles' Evolution: Research the evolution of the Beatles' music and present your findings, highlighting where "Come Together" fits in their discography.

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Oral Exam

  1. Discuss the Influence of Blues on Beatles Music: Explore how blues music influenced the Beatles, specifically in songs like "Come Together".
  2. Interpret the Lyrics: Discuss possible interpretations of the lyrics of "Come Together" and what they reveal about the cultural context of the 1960s.
  3. The Beatles' Innovation in Music Production: Talk about the innovative recording techniques used by the Beatles and how they contributed to the sound of "Come Together".
  4. The Beatles and Cultural Revolution: Discuss how the Beatles, through songs like "Come Together", reflected or influenced the cultural and social changes of their time.
  5. Comparison of Beatles' Songs: Compare "Come Together" with another Beatles song in terms of style, theme, and historical context.

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