Taylor Swift - Cardigan - 2020


Taylor Swift's "Cardigan" from 2020 is a song rich in narrative and musical complexity, offering a unique blend of Swift's storytelling and songwriting prowess.

Taylor Swift's "Cardigan" was released in 2020 as part of her album "Folklore." This song stands out for its poetic lyrics and haunting melody, showcasing Swift's evolution as an artist. The album "Folklore" marks a significant shift in Swift's musical style, leaning towards indie folk and alternative rock, a departure from her earlier country and pop sounds.

Background and Composition

"Cardigan" is a song that intricately weaves together personal emotion and universal themes. It's characterized by its indie folk influences, a gentle piano-driven melody, and ethereal production. The lyrics of "Cardigan" are reflective, filled with nostalgic imagery and metaphors that evoke a sense of longing and reminiscence.

Lyrics and Themes

The song's lyrics are notable for their vivid storytelling. Swift uses cardigan as a metaphor for comfort and the warmth of old love. The song delves into themes of love, loss, and the passage of time, echoing the overall tone of the "Folklore" album.


Upon its release, "Cardigan" received widespread acclaim from music critics, who praised its lyrical quality and Swift's artistic growth. The song also enjoyed commercial success, charting in numerous countries.

For further information on Taylor Swift and her discography, check out her Wikipedia page.

Interactive Tasks

Quiz: Questions on the song

What year was "Cardigan" by Taylor Swift released? (2020) (!2018) (!2019) (!2021)

In which album is "Cardigan" featured? (Folklore) (!Lover) (!Reputation) (!Evermore)

What musical style does "Cardigan" primarily exhibit? (Indie Folk) (!Country) (!Pop) (!Electronic)

What is the primary instrument used in "Cardigan"? (Piano) (!Guitar) (!Violin) (!Drums)

What metaphor does Taylor Swift predominantly use in "Cardigan"? (A piece of clothing) (!A house) (!A book) (!A photograph)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

In which year did Taylor Swift release her debut album? (2006) (!2004) (!2008) (!2010)

What genre did Taylor Swift primarily focus on in her early career? (Country) (!Pop) (!Rock) (!Indie)

Which album marked Taylor Swift's first full foray into pop music? (1989) (!Red) (!Fearless) (!Speak Now)

Which social issue has Taylor Swift been vocal about in recent years? (Women's rights and political activism) (!Environmental conservation) (!Space exploration) (!Cryptocurrency)

Taylor Swift is known for writing songs about what? (Her personal experiences) (!Historical events) (!Science fiction themes) (!Abstract concepts)

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

In "Cardigan," what does Taylor Swift say she knew everything when she was? (Young) (!Old) (!Alone) (!Famous)

What does Taylor Swift liken to a "favorite" in "Cardigan"? (The cardigan) (!A song) (!A memory) (!A photograph)

How does Taylor Swift describe the cardigan in the song? (Once belonged to her) (!Brand new) (!Lost and found) (!Borrowed)

What season does Taylor Swift mention in "Cardigan"? (Summer) (!Winter) (!Spring) (!Autumn)

In "Cardigan," Taylor Swift refers to herself as what type of "queen"? (A cobblestone queen) (!A forgotten queen) (!A reigning queen) (!A lost queen)


Folklore Taylor Swift's 2020 album
Cardigan A metaphor for old love
Indie Folk Main musical style of "Cardigan"
Piano Primary instrument in "Cardigan"
Nostalgia A key theme in "Cardigan"

Open Tasks


  1. Explore Music Genres: Listen to different songs from Taylor Swift's discography and identify the various genres she has explored in her career.
  2. Create a Playlist: Compile a playlist of songs similar to "Cardigan" in theme and style.


  1. Write a Review: Write a review of "Cardigan," focusing on its musical and lyrical aspects.
  2. Song Analysis: Analyze the lyrics of "Cardigan" and discuss the themes and metaphors used.


  1. Compose a Song: Write and compose a song inspired by "Cardigan," focusing on similar themes and musical style.
  2. Create a Music Video: Design and film a music video for "Cardigan," interpreting the song's themes visually.

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Oral Exam

  1. Comparative Analysis: Compare and contrast "Cardigan" with another song from "Folklore" in terms of theme and musical style.
  2. Artistic Evolution: Discuss Taylor Swift's evolution as an artist from her early country days to her indie folk phase.
  3. Music and Emotion: Explore how "Cardigan" uses music and lyrics to evoke emotions and nostalgia.

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