Little Richard - The Girl Can't help it - 1957


Little Richard's "The Girl Can't Help It" from 1957 is an iconic song that marked a significant era in the development of rock 'n' roll music. This song not only showcases Little Richard's unique vocal style and showmanship but also reflects the cultural and musical shifts of the 1950s. Let's dive into the history, impact, and musicality of "The Girl Can't Help It."

Background and Release

Released in 1956, "The Girl Can't Help It" was the title track for the movie of the same name. Little Richard, known for his flamboyant performances and powerful voice, recorded this song, which became a huge hit. This track was also significant in Little Richard's career, further cementing his status as a rock 'n' roll pioneer.

Musical Style and Influence

The song is characterized by its upbeat tempo, distinct piano playing, and Little Richard's dynamic vocal delivery. It is a prime example of the rhythm and blues style transitioning into rock 'n' roll. The track influenced numerous artists and was a precursor to the rock music explosion of the 1960s.

Cultural Impact

In the racially segregated America of the 1950s, Little Richard's music, including "The Girl Can't Help It," played a crucial role in breaking down racial barriers in the music industry. His energetic performance style and the song's widespread popularity among diverse audiences contributed to the integration of rock music.


"The Girl Can't Help It" remains an influential piece in the history of rock music. It is often cited for its impact on later rock and roll musicians and for being a significant moment in the genre's evolution. The song's inclusion in the movie also helped to popularize rock 'n' roll in mainstream cinema.

Interactive Tasks

Quiz: Questions on the song

What year was "The Girl Can't Help It" released? (1956) (!1957) (!1955) (!1958)

For which movie was "The Girl Can't Help It" the title track? (The Girl Can't Help It) (!Jailhouse Rock) (!Rebel Without a Cause) (!Rock Around the Clock)

What musical style does "The Girl Can't Help It" primarily represent? (Rock 'n' Roll) (!Jazz) (!Blues) (!Country)

Which instrument is prominently featured in "The Girl Can't Help It"? (Piano) (!Guitar) (!Saxophone) (!Drums)

What was significant about Little Richard's performance style in "The Girl Can't Help It"? (It was flamboyant and energetic) (!It was subdued and calm) (!It focused on instrumental solos) (!It included elaborate dance routines)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

What is Little Richard's real name? (Richard Wayne Penniman) (!Elvis Presley) (!Chuck Berry) (!Jerry Lee Lewis)

Which of these songs is also by Little Richard? (Tutti Frutti) (!Heartbreak Hotel) (!Johnny B. Goode) (!Blue Suede Shoes)

In which decade did Little Richard first gain fame? (1950s) (!1940s) (!1960s) (!1970s)

What is a key characteristic of Little Richard's singing style? (Powerful and raspy voice) (!Soft and melodious voice) (!Deep and somber tone) (!Whispery and gentle delivery)

Little Richard is often credited with being a pioneer of which music genre? (Rock 'n' Roll) (!Country) (!Rhythm and Blues) (!Soul)

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

What is the main theme of "The Girl Can't Help It"? (Attraction and charisma) (!Travel and adventure) (!Heartbreak and sorrow) (!Social change and activism)

Which of the following lines is from "The Girl Can't Help It"? ("She's got a lot of what they call the most") (!"Walking through the clouds with a circus mind") (!"I see the bad moon rising") (!"I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me")

How does the song describe the girl's effect on people? (She makes the world go 'round) (!She lights up the room) (!She brings joy everywhere she goes) (!She changes people's lives)

The lyrics of "The Girl Can't Help It" primarily focus on the girl's? (Charisma and allure) (!Intelligence and wit) (!Musical talent) (!Kind-hearted nature)

What is a recurring phrase in the song? ("The girl can't help it") (!"She's walking on by") (!"Love is all around") (!"Dancing in the street")


Little Richard Richard Wayne Penniman
1956 Release Year of "The Girl Can't Help It"
Rock 'n' Roll Primary Genre of the Song
Piano Prominent Instrument in the Song
Movie Soundtrack "The Girl Can't Help It" was the Title Track for a Movie

Open Tasks


  1. Research Little Richard's early life and create a short biography.
  2. Listen to "The Girl Can't Help It" and describe the instruments you hear.
  3. Watch the movie "The Girl Can't Help It" and write a review focusing on how the film portrays rock 'n' roll music.


  1. Compare "The Girl Can't Help It" to another Little Richard song and discuss the similarities and differences.
  2. Create a presentation on the influence of Little Richard's music on later rock artists.
  3. Write an essay on the cultural impact of rock 'n' roll music in the 1950s.


  1. Analyze the lyrics of "The Girl Can't Help It" and discuss its themes in the context of the 1950s.
  2. Create a documentary about the integration of rock music in mainstream cinema, using "The Girl Can't Help It" as a case study.
  3. Compose a song inspired by Little Richard's style and record a performance of it.

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Oral Exam

  1. Discuss how Little Richard's performance style in "The Girl Can't Help It" influenced the visual aspect of rock 'n' roll.
  2. Analyze the role of race in the popularity and impact of "The Girl Can't Help It."
  3. Compare and contrast the musical styles and themes of "The Girl Can't Help It" with another popular song from the 1950s.
  4. Explain how "The Girl Can't Help It" reflects the socio-cultural changes of its time.
  5. Discuss the significance of "The Girl Can't Help It" being part of a movie soundtrack in the context of the 1950s music industry.

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