Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe - 1966

Jimi Hendrix - "Hey Joe" (1966)

Jimi Hendrix is one of the most influential guitarists in the history of rock music. His rendition of "Hey Joe" in 1966 marked a significant moment in his musical career. This song, though not originally written by Hendrix, became closely associated with him due to his unique and innovative guitar playing style.

Background and Release

"Hey Joe" was first recorded by The Leaves, but it was Jimi Hendrix's version that gained widespread popularity. Released in 1966, it was the first single by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The song's mix of bluesy guitar solos and psychedelic rock elements showcased Hendrix's skill and musical innovation.

Musical Style and Influence

The song is known for its distinctive guitar riff and solo, which reflect Hendrix's pioneering use of guitar distortion and feedback. The track also demonstrates his ability to blend different genres, including blues, rock, and psychedelia.

Lyrics and Themes

"Hey Joe" tells the story of a man planning to flee to Mexico after shooting his unfaithful wife. The lyrics have been interpreted in various ways, sparking discussions about their meaning and impact.

For more detailed information on "Hey Joe" and Jimi Hendrix, you can visit the Wikipedia page: Wikipedia - Hey Joe.

Interactive Tasks

Quiz: Questions on the song "Hey Joe"

In what year was Jimi Hendrix's version of "Hey Joe" released? (1966) (!1965) (!1967) (!1968)

Which band originally recorded "Hey Joe"? (The Leaves) (!The Beatles) (!The Rolling Stones) (!The Who)

What is the main theme of "Hey Joe"? (A man fleeing after committing a crime) (!A love story) (!A journey of self-discovery) (!The Vietnam War)

Which musical element is NOT prominently featured in "Hey Joe"? (Acoustic guitar) (!Electric guitar solos) (!Psychedelic rock elements) (!Blues influences)

How did "Hey Joe" impact Jimi Hendrix's career? (It was his first significant hit) (!It was his last recorded song) (!It received poor reviews) (!It won a Grammy)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer - Jimi Hendrix

What is Jimi Hendrix famously known for in his guitar playing? (Using guitar distortion and feedback) (!Playing with a violin bow) (!Inventing the electric guitar) (!Performing without a guitar strap)

Before his solo career, which famous musician did Hendrix perform with? (Little Richard) (!Elvis Presley) (!Bob Dylan) (!John Lennon)

Which of these songs is NOT a Jimi Hendrix original? ("All Along the Watchtower") (!"Purple Haze") (!"Foxy Lady") (!"Voodoo Child (Slight Return)")

Where did Jimi Hendrix famously perform the U.S. national anthem? (Woodstock Festival, 1969) (!Monterey Pop Festival, 1967) (!Isle of Wight Festival, 1970) (!Altamont Free Concert, 1969)

What was unique about Jimi Hendrix's guitar playing technique? (He was left-handed but often played a right-handed guitar upside down) (!He only used three strings) (!He played with his feet) (!He never used a pick)

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics of "Hey Joe"

What does the protagonist in "Hey Joe" plan to do after the song's opening event? (Go to Mexico) (!Return home) (!Turn himself in) (!Start a new life)

How is the protagonist's state of mind depicted in the song? (Troubled and decisive) (!Joyful and carefree) (!Confused and lost) (!Angry and revengeful)

Which phrase is repeatedly used in "Hey Joe"? ("Hey Joe") (!"Run, run, run") (!"Oh no") (!"Listen to me")

What is the protagonist's reason for his actions in "Hey Joe"? (His partner's infidelity) (!He was wrongly accused) (!Self-defense) (!A moment of anger)

What instrument mainly drives the narrative in "Hey Joe"? (Electric guitar) (!Drums) (!Bass guitar) (!Keyboard)


Create a memory game with matching pairs for the topic "Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe - 1966".

Jimi Hendrix Pioneer of electric guitar
1966 Year of "Hey Joe" release
The Leaves Original performers of "Hey Joe"
Mexico Destination in the song
Psychedelic Rock Genre associated with Hendrix

Open Tasks


  1. Research Jimi Hendrix: Find out more about Jimi Hendrix's early life and career.
  2. Listen and Analyze: Listen to "Hey Joe" and describe the emotions it evokes.
  3. Guitar Techniques: Explore the basics of electric guitar playing.


  1. Song Comparison: Compare Hendrix's version of "Hey Joe" to the original by The Leaves.
  2. Musical Influence: Investigate how Hendrix influenced modern guitarists.
  3. Lyrics Analysis: Analyze the lyrics of "Hey Joe" and their societal impact.


  1. Creative Writing: Write a short story or poem inspired by "Hey Joe".
  2. Music Composition: Compose a piece of music inspired by Hendrix's style.
  3. Historical Context: Research the historical context of the 1960s and its influence on "Hey Joe".
  4. Performance: Learn to play "Hey Joe" on the guitar and perform it.

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Oral Exam

  1. Hendrix's Techniques: Discuss how Hendrix's guitar techniques revolutionized rock music.
  2. Cultural Impact: Analyze the cultural and historical significance of "Hey Joe" in the 1960s.
  3. Music Evolution: Examine how Hendrix's music influenced the evolution of psychedelic rock.
  4. Lyrics Interpretation: Explore different interpretations of the lyrics of "Hey Joe".
  5. Artistic Expression: Discuss the role of artistic expression in Hendrix's music.

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