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Write the text for a presentation or MOOC on the topic XXX, which can be used as a MOOC for school through various interactive elements. Use only verified, true information. If possible, access Wikipedia information.

= Input =
Write the text in Wiki syntax or Wikimarkup (without infobox) including suitable headings, internal (and external) links, and other formatting.
Formattings are to be made as follows:

Internal links to other articles that would make sense: [[Topic]]
External links to OERs and other learning materials: [https//]
== Heading Level 2 ==
=== Heading Level 3 ===
Bullet points: *
Numbered list: #

External text as iFrame: Add the Wikipedia article on this topic (if there is a Wikipedia entry for this) as in this example:

<iframe> </iframe>

= Crossword Puzzle =
Create a crossword puzzle on the topic with the following structure:

Question 1 = Question for the answerforquestionone, e.g. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
Answerforquestionone = Answer to Question 1, e.g. Michelangelo
The answer must always be one word, have at least four letters, and be no longer than 22 letters.

Gestalte ein Kreuzworträtsel zum Thema Albrecht Dürer mit folgendem Aufbau:
Frage 1 = Frage für die Antwortfuerfrageeins, z.B. Wer malte die Decke der Sixtinischen Kapelle?
Antwortfuerfrageeins = Antwort auf die Frage 1, z.B. Michelangelo
Die Formatierung muss eingehalten werden. Senkrechte Striche bleiben und der Inhalt der geschwungenen Klammern bleibt gleich.
Die Antwort darf immer nur ein Wort sein, muss mindestens vier Buchstaben haben und darf maximal 22 Buchstaben lang sein.

<div class="kreuzwort-quiz">
| Antwortfuerfrageeins || Frage 1
| Antwortfuerfragezwei || Frage 2
| Antwortfuerfragedrei || Frage 3
| Antwortfuerfragevier || Frage 4
| Antwortfuerfragefünf || Frage 5
| Antwortfuerfragesechs || Frage 6
| Antwortfuerfragesieben || Frage 7
| Antwortfuerfrageacht || Frage 8
{{:Kreuzwort Ende}}

| Answerforquestionone || Question 1
| Answerforquestiontwo || Question 2
| Answerforquestionthree || Question 3
| Answerforquestionfour || Question 4
| Answerforquestionfive || Question 5
| Answerforquestionsix || Question 6
| Answerforquestionseven || Question 7
| Answerforquestioneight || Question 8

{{:Kreuzwort Ende}}

= Open Tasks =
Create at least 10 open tasks that encourage learners to become actively involved (e.g., creating their own projects, texts, images, or videos).

= Quiz: Test Your Knowledge =
QUIZ: Write at least ten quiz questions on the topic XXX as in the example below.
Formatting guidelines for the quiz:

The quiz starts with the line {{:Multiple-Choice Begin}}
Answer options are in brackets.
The only correct answer option has no exclamation mark and is always at the top of the list of answer options. (…)
The three incorrect answer options have an exclamation mark before the answer option (!…)
The quiz ends with the line {{:Multiple-Choice End}}
Do not use any additional formatting or special characters such as brackets, etc. within the brackets in which the answer option is located.
{{:Multiple-Choice Beginning}}

Ask a multiple-choice question here?

{{:Multiple-Choice End}}

Link the topic to a matching category of one or more school subjects in this style:

Add the following two lines at the end of the article:
= Participate - Share - Rate =
{{:Share MOOCwiki}}