Glen Campbell - By the Time I Get to Phoenix - 1967

Introduction to "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" by Glen Campbell

By the Time I Get to Phoenix is a song written by Jimmy Webb and made famous by Glen Campbell in 1967. This song is not only a significant piece in the history of country and popular music but also a great example of storytelling through lyrics. Let's delve into the song's history, its impact, and the intricate details that make it a classic.

Background of the Song

  1. History: "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" was originally recorded by Johnny Rivers in 1965, but it was Glen Campbell's version in 1967 that became a huge hit.
  2. Songwriter: Jimmy Webb, known for his complex compositions and lyrical depth, wrote this song at a young age, showcasing his early talent.
  3. Glen Campbell: An accomplished singer, guitarist, and television host, Campbell's rendition brought the song widespread fame.

Musical and Lyrical Analysis

  1. Musical Style: The song is noted for its smooth, orchestral arrangements which were innovative for country music at the time.
  2. Lyrics: The song tells the story of a love gone wrong, with the narrator leaving his lover and describing his journey through different cities.
  3. Impact: The song's narrative style influenced many artists and is often cited as an early example of a country crossover hit.

Quiz: Questions on the song

Which year was "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" released by Glen Campbell? (1967) (!1965) (!1969) (!1971)

Who originally recorded "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"? (Johnny Rivers) (!Jimmy Webb) (!Frank Sinatra) (!Elvis Presley)

What is the song mainly about? (A love gone wrong and a journey through different cities) (!A joyful road trip with friends) (!The city of Phoenix) (!Growing up in the American South)

Which songwriter wrote "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"? (Jimmy Webb) (!Glen Campbell) (!John Denver) (!Kris Kristofferson)

How did Glen Campbell's version of the song impact country music? (It brought orchestral arrangements to the genre and was a crossover hit) (!It was the first country song to use electric guitar) (!It introduced rock elements to country music) (!It was the first country song to win a Grammy Award)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

What other profession was Glen Campbell known for, apart from being a singer? (Television host) (!Actor) (!Dancer) (!Painter)

What is a hallmark of Glen Campbell's music style? (Smooth, orchestral arrangements) (!Heavy metal influences) (!Rap and hip-hop elements) (!Electronic music sounds)

In what decade did Glen Campbell achieve significant fame? (1960s) (!1950s) (!1970s) (!1980s)

Which instrument is Glen Campbell particularly renowned for playing? (Guitar) (!Piano) (!Drums) (!Violin)

Which of these songs is also a hit by Glen Campbell? ("Rhinestone Cowboy") (!"Hotel California") (!"Born to Run") (!"Purple Haze")

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

In "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," where is the narrator headed after Phoenix? (Albuquerque) (!Nashville) (!Austin) (!Memphis)

The song's lyrics mention leaving a note. What does the note signify? (The narrator's departure from his lover) (!A reminder for a meeting) (!A grocery list) (!A birthday wish)

How does the narrator imagine his lover will react in the morning? (She'll find the note and laugh) (!She'll call her friends) (!She'll go to work) (!She'll make breakfast)

What city does the narrator mention after Albuquerque? (Oklahoma City) (!Dallas) (!Las Vegas) (!Denver)

What time of day does the narrator mention being in Oklahoma City? (By the time he gets to Oklahoma, it'll be the middle of the day) (!Early morning) (!Evening) (!Night)


Glen Campbell "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"
Jimmy Webb Songwriter
1967 Release Year
Johnny Rivers Original Artist
Albuquerque Next City Mentioned in Lyrics


  1. Explore Different Versions: Listen to different versions of "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" by artists like Johnny Rivers and Glen Campbell. Compare and contrast their styles.
  2. Map the Journey: Using a map, trace the journey mentioned in the song from Phoenix to the other cities.
  3. Lyric Analysis: Write a short essay on how the lyrics of the song portray the emotions of the narrator.


  1. Cover the Song: If you play an instrument or sing, try covering "By the Time I Get to Phoenix". Share your performance with friends or online.
  2. Songwriting Exercise: Write your own song that tells a story, inspired by the narrative style of "By the Time I Get to Phoenix".
  3. Music and Culture: Research the impact of Glen Campbell’s music on the 1960s culture and country music.


  1. Musical Analysis: Analyze the musical arrangement of "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" and discuss how it contributes to the song's emotional impact.
  2. Historical Context: Research the historical context of the 1960s and discuss how it might have influenced the themes in the song.
  3. Creative Project: Create a short film or animation that visually represents the story told in the song.

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Oral Exam

  1. Discuss the significance of storytelling in country music, using "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" as an example.
  2. Analyze how Glen Campbell’s rendition of the song differs from the original and what impact it had on its popularity.
  3. Explore the theme of departure and loss in the song and how it reflects broader themes in country music.
  4. Discuss the role of orchestration in the song and how it enhances the storytelling.
  5. Compare and contrast "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" with another popular song from the same era in terms of thematic and musical elements.

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