Eminem - Stan - 2000

Eminem - "Stan" - 2000

"Stan" is a song by American rapper Eminem featuring British singer Dido. It was released in 2000 as the third single from Eminem's third album, The Marshall Mathers LP. The song tells the story of a fan named Stan who becomes increasingly obsessed with Eminem, leading to a tragic ending. The song's narrative, production, and incorporation of Dido's "Thank You" in its chorus received widespread acclaim, making "Stan" one of Eminem's most iconic tracks.


"Stan" is notable for its storytelling and for addressing issues of fan obsession and celebrity culture. The term "Stan" has since entered the popular lexicon to describe overly obsessive fans of celebrities or franchises. The song's lyrics are presented as a series of letters from Stan to Eminem, with escalating frustration and madness, ending in a dramatic climax. The song’s production blends hip-hop beats with elements from Dido's song "Thank You," creating a haunting backdrop to the storyline.

Reception and Impact

Upon its release, "Stan" was a commercial success and is considered one of Eminem's greatest songs. It received critical acclaim for its storytelling, production, and Eminem's lyrical prowess. The song peaked in the top charts worldwide and has been certified platinum in multiple countries. Its music video, which depicts the song's narrative, was also well-received and has been influential in the portrayal of storytelling in music videos.

Cultural Significance

The song has had a significant cultural impact, with the term "stan" being added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2017, defined as an obsessive fan. This speaks to the song's influence beyond music, impacting language and the way we discuss fandom.

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For those interested in exploring more about "Stan" and its place in music history, consider the following topics:

  1. Eminem's Career
  2. Fan Culture and Celebrity Obsession
  3. The Marshall Mathers LP Album
  4. Music Video Production and Storytelling


Quiz: Questions on the song

What inspired the creation of "Stan"? (The real-life letters Eminem received from fans) (!Eminem's personal experiences with a stalker) (!A novel about celebrity obsession) (!A film about a fan's dangerous obsession with a star)

Which singer's song is sampled in "Stan"? (Dido) (!Enya) (!Sarah McLachlan) (!Norah Jones)

How does the song "Stan" end? (With Stan driving off a bridge) (!With Stan meeting Eminem) (!With Eminem writing back too late) (!With Stan moving on from his obsession)

What year was "Stan" released? (2000) (!1999) (!2001) (!2002)

What album is "Stan" featured on? (The Marshall Mathers LP) (!The Slim Shady LP) (!Encore) (!Recovery)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

Which album did "Stan" appear on? (The Marshall Mathers LP) (!The Slim Shady LP) (!Encore) (!Recovery)

What is Eminem's real name? (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) (!Shawn Corey Carter) (!Aubrey Drake Graham) (!Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.)

How many Grammy Awards has Eminem won? (15, as of my last update in April 2023) (!10) (!20) (!25)

What is Eminem known for in the music industry? (Pioneering a style of rap that combines intense personal storytelling with complex rhymes and rhythms) (!Being the first rapper to win an Academy Award) (!Founding the record label Roc-A-Fella Records) (!Creating the genre of mumble rap)

Which city is Eminem originally from? (Detroit, Michigan) (!New York City, New York) (!Los Angeles, California) (!Atlanta, Georgia)

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

What does Stan use to write his letters to Eminem? (A pen and paper) (!Email) (!Text messages) (!Social media)

In the song "Stan," what does Stan mention he has tattooed on his chest? ("Your name across my chest") (!A portrait of Eminem) (!The logo of Shady Records) (!Lyrics from "The Real Slim Shady")

What does Stan do with his girlfriend in the song? (Locks her in the trunk of his car) (!Takes her to an Eminem concert) (!Gets matching Eminem tattoos) (!Records a video message for Eminem)

What triggers Stan's final action in the song? (Eminem not replying to his letters) (!His girlfriend breaking up with him) (!Losing his job) (!Being ridiculed by his friends for his obsession)

How does Eminem refer to Stan in his final verse? (As a fan he wishes he had answered sooner) (!As a friend he never met) (!As a brother from another mother) (!As an example of the dangers of fame)


Term A The Marshall Mathers LP
Term B 2000
Term C Dido
Term D Fan Obsession
Term E Music Video Storytelling

Open Tasks


  1. Explore other songs by Eminem that discuss personal or social issues. Write a short essay on how these songs reflect aspects of Eminem's life or broader social themes.
  2. Create a playlist of songs from the early 2000s that share themes with "Stan" and explain your choices.
  3. Research how fan culture has evolved with social media and compare it to the type of fandom depicted in "Stan."


  1. Analyze the lyrics of "Stan" and another song that deals with celebrity culture. Present your findings in a short presentation or blog post.
  2. Conduct a survey among friends or classmates to discover their favorite Eminem song and why. Present the results in a chart or graph.
  3. Create a short documentary or podcast episode exploring the impact of "Stan" on music and popular culture.


  1. Write a research paper on the psychological effects of celebrity worship syndrome, using "Stan" as a case study.
  2. Develop a multimedia presentation on the evolution of Eminem's music career, highlighting key songs and albums.
  3. Organize a debate on the pros and cons of fan culture, using "Stan" as a reference point.

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Oral Exam

  1. Discuss how "Stan" uses storytelling to convey its message. What makes this approach effective?
  2. Compare and contrast the depiction of fan culture in "Stan" with another song or movie that addresses similar themes.
  3. Analyze the role of Dido's song "Thank You" in "Stan." How does it contribute to the song's overall impact?
  4. Reflect on the ethical responsibilities of artists in addressing fan behavior in their work.
  5. Evaluate the impact of "Stan" on Eminem's career and its long-term cultural significance.

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