Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes - 1956

Elvis Presley's "Blue Suede Shoes" (1956)

Elvis Presley's "Blue Suede Shoes," released in 1956, is not just a song but a cultural icon of the 1950s. It was originally written and first recorded by Carl Perkins in 1955. Elvis Presley's version, however, became more popular and is often associated with the early days of Rock and Roll. This song represents the fusion of various musical genres and the rise of youth culture in America.

Background of "Blue Suede Shoes"

"Blue Suede Shoes" was one of the first songs to cross over from the "country" charts to the mainstream "pop" charts, symbolizing the blurring of musical genres and racial barriers in America's music industry. The song's upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics made it a hit among the youth, establishing Elvis Presley as a significant figure in the rock and roll genre. The song's title and lyrics refer to the flashy style of dress that became popular among the rock and roll youth of the 1950s.

Elvis Presley and Rock and Roll

Elvis Presley, often referred to as the "King of Rock and Roll," was a central figure in the popularization of this music genre. His style, characterized by energetic and suggestive performances, pushed the boundaries of the music and entertainment industry during that era. "Blue Suede Shoes" was a perfect example of how Presley's charismatic performance style could bring a song to life, making it an enduring classic.

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Quiz: Questions on the song

What year was Elvis Presley's version of "Blue Suede Shoes" released? (1956) (!1954) (!1958) (!1960)

Who originally wrote and recorded "Blue Suede Shoes"? (Carl Perkins) (!Chuck Berry) (!Little Richard) (!Johnny Cash)

What was significant about "Blue Suede Shoes" in terms of music charts? (It crossed over from the country charts to the mainstream pop charts) (!It was the first rock and roll song to reach number one on the charts) (!It stayed at the top of the charts for over a year) (!It was Elvis Presley's first song to chart)

What do the lyrics of "Blue Suede Shoes" primarily refer to? (A flashy style of dress popular in the 1950s) (!A dance popular during the 1950s) (!A famous car of the era) (!A popular movie star of the time)

How did "Blue Suede Shoes" contribute to Elvis Presley's image? (It showcased his charismatic performance style) (!It was his first recorded song) (!It highlighted his songwriting skills) (!It featured his skills as a guitar player)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

What is Elvis Presley often referred to as? (The King of Rock and Roll) (!The Prince of Pop) (!The Duke of Disco) (!The Lord of Lyrics)

What characterized Elvis Presley's performance style? (Energetic and suggestive) (!Reserved and classical) (!Comedic and light-hearted) (!Sombre and serious)

Besides "Blue Suede Shoes," which other song is Elvis Presley famously known for? ("Jailhouse Rock") (!"Bohemian Rhapsody") (!"Like a Rolling Stone") (!"Stairway to Heaven")

Where was Elvis Presley born? (Tupelo, Mississippi) (!Memphis, Tennessee) (!Nashville, Tennessee) (!New Orleans, Louisiana)

Which genre of music was Elvis Presley a significant figure in popularizing? (Rock and Roll) (!Jazz) (!Blues) (!Country)

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

What is the key message in the chorus of "Blue Suede Shoes"? (One can do anything, but should avoid stepping on the singer's blue suede shoes) (!The singer's love for dancing in his blue suede shoes) (!The singer's journey to buy blue suede shoes) (!The singer's desire to be famous like his shoes)

In the song, what is the singer willing to let you do? (Burn his house, steal his car) (!Take his money, wear his clothes) (!Sing his songs, play his guitar) (!Borrow his records, use his phone)

What does the singer caution against doing in the song? (Stepping on his blue suede shoes) (!Touching his guitar) (!Wearing his hat) (!Driving his car)

What item of clothing is repeatedly mentioned in "Blue Suede Shoes"? (Suede shoes) (!Leather jacket) (!Silk shirt) (!Denim jeans)

How does the singer feel about his blue suede shoes? (Very protective and proud) (!Indifferent) (!Regretful for buying them) (!Worried they are out of fashion)


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Elvis Presley King of Rock and Roll
1956 Release Year of "Blue Suede Shoes"
Carl Perkins Original Writer and Recorder
Rock and Roll Genre of "Blue Suede Shoes"
Suede Shoes Central Theme of the Song

Open Tasks


  1. Explore Elvis Presley's Discography: Research other popular songs by Elvis Presley and their significance in music history.
  2. Fashion in the 1950s: Create a collage or a digital presentation showcasing the fashion trends of the 1950s, including blue suede shoes.
  3. Create a Playlist: Make a playlist of songs from the 1950s that you think capture the spirit of the decade.


  1. Analyze Lyrics: Write an essay analyzing the lyrics of "Blue Suede Shoes" and its reflection of 1950s culture.
  2. Musical Genres Fusion: Research how "Blue Suede Shoes" combined different musical styles and present your findings.
  3. Elvis Presley's Influence: Create a presentation on how Elvis Presley influenced future musicians and the rock and roll genre.


  1. Historical Context: Write a detailed report on how "Blue Suede Shoes" and Elvis Presley's music reflected the socio-cultural changes of the 1950s.
  2. Musical Comparison: Compare "Blue Suede Shoes" to a modern rock and roll song, focusing on thematic and stylistic differences.
  3. Interview Project: Conduct interviews with people who lived during the 1950s to understand their perspective on Elvis Presley and his music.

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Oral Exam

  1. Cultural Impact: Discuss the cultural impact of "Blue Suede Shoes" and how it represented the youth culture of the 1950s.
  2. Musical Evolution: Analyze the evolution of rock and roll music from the 1950s to the present, using "Blue Suede Shoes" as a starting point.
  3. Performance Style: Compare Elvis Presley's performance style to that of another iconic musician from a different era.
  4. Song Interpretation: Interpret the lyrics of "Blue Suede Shoes" and discuss how they might be understood in a modern context.
  5. Genre Influence: Discuss how Elvis Presley's music influenced the development of other music genres.

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