Elvis Presley - All Shook up - 1955


Elvis Presley's "All Shook Up" from 1955 is a landmark in rock 'n' roll history. It showcases the unique blend of rhythm and blues, country, and pop elements that characterized Presley's early music and helped propel him to stardom. This song, written by Otis Blackwell and Elvis Presley, became a number-one hit in the United States and is often regarded as one of Presley's most iconic performances.

Background and Release

In the mid-1950s, Elvis Presley was a rising star in the music world. "All Shook Up" was released in 1957, not 1955, and quickly climbed the charts. The song's catchy rhythm and Presley's charismatic performance made it an instant classic.

Musical Style and Influence

Elvis Presley's musical style in "All Shook Up" blends various genres. The song combines the upbeat tempo of rock 'n' roll with the soulful rhythms of R&B, a hint of country twang, and the smoothness of pop. This fusion became a hallmark of Presley's work and greatly influenced the development of rock music.

Cultural Impact

"All Shook Up" not only topped the charts but also had a significant impact on American culture. It helped bring rock 'n' roll into the mainstream and made Elvis Presley a household name. The song's success is a testament to Presley's ability to appeal to a wide audience and his role in shaping the musical landscape of the 1950s and beyond.

Interactive Tasks

Quiz: Questions on the song

Which year was "All Shook Up" actually released? (1957) (!1955) (!1956) (!1958)

Who was one of the writers of "All Shook Up" alongside Elvis Presley? (Otis Blackwell) (!Chuck Berry) (!Carl Perkins) (!Johnny Cash)

What genres does "All Shook Up" blend together? (Rock 'n' roll, R&B, Country, Pop) (!Jazz, Blues, Folk) (!Classical, Rockabilly, Soul) (!Disco, Funk, Reggae)

For how many weeks did "All Shook Up" stay at number one on the U.S. charts? (8 weeks) (!4 weeks) (!12 weeks) (!2 weeks)

In which aspect of American culture did "All Shook Up" play a significant role? (Bringing rock 'n' roll into the mainstream) (!Starting the folk music revival) (!Influencing the disco movement) (!Spurring the development of heavy metal)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

In what year did Elvis Presley first record music professionally? (1953) (!1950) (!1955) (!1957)

What was Elvis Presley's nickname? (The King of Rock 'n' Roll) (!The Sultan of Swing) (!The Duke of Rock) (!The Master of Rhythm)

Where was Elvis Presley born? (Tupelo, Mississippi) (!Memphis, Tennessee) (!Nashville, Tennessee) (!New Orleans, Louisiana)

Which branch of the military did Elvis serve in? (U.S. Army) (!U.S. Navy) (!U.S. Air Force) (!U.S. Marine Corps)

What was the first song Elvis recorded at Sun Studio? ("That's All Right") (!"Heartbreak Hotel") (!"Love Me Tender") (!"Jailhouse Rock")

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

What is the opening line of "All Shook Up"? ("A well I bless my soul what's wrong with me?") (!"I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree") (!"My friends say I’m acting wild as a bug") (!"I'm in love, I'm all shook up")

Which of the following is NOT a line from "All Shook Up"? (!"My tongue gets tied when I try to speak") ("My insides shake like a leaf on a tree") ("I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree") ("My friends say I’m acting wild as a bug")

What metaphor is used to describe being in love in "All Shook Up"? (Itching like a man on a fuzzy tree) (!Running like a cat on a hot tin roof) (!Jumping like a fish out of water) (!Flying like a bird in the sky)

What is the effect of love according to the lyrics of "All Shook Up"? (Makes the singer act wild and lose control) (!Brings peace and calm) (!Inspires creativity and art) (!Causes sadness and longing)

Which body part is NOT mentioned in "All Shook Up"? (Hands) (!Knees) (!Tongue) (!Heart)


Elvis Presley King of Rock 'n' Roll
1957 Release year of "All Shook Up"
Otis Blackwell Co-writer of "All Shook Up"
Tupelo, Mississippi Elvis Presley's birthplace
"That's All Right" First song recorded by Elvis at Sun Studio

Open Tasks


  1. Explore Elvis's Birthplace: Research about Tupelo, Mississippi, where Elvis was born, and create a presentation about its history and cultural significance.
  2. Rock 'n' Roll Dance Moves: Learn and perform a dance routine inspired by 1950s rock 'n' roll.


  1. Elvis's Influence: Write an essay on how Elvis Presley influenced the music industry and American culture.
  2. Cover Version: Record your own cover version of "All Shook Up" and share it online.


  1. Musical Genres Blend: Compose a song that blends rock 'n' roll, R&B, country, and pop, just like "All Shook Up".
  2. Elvis Presley Biography: Write a detailed biography of Elvis Presley, focusing on his early years and musical breakthrough.

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Oral Exam

  1. Elvis's Impact: Discuss how Elvis Presley's style and music might be perceived if he debuted in today's music scene.
  2. Songwriting Collaboration: Imagine a collaboration between Elvis Presley and a contemporary artist. Describe the potential musical outcome.

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