Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits - 2021

Ed Sheeran: Bad Habits (2021)

Ed Sheeran is a renowned English singer-songwriter, known for his melodic pop, folk, and acoustic music. In 2021, he released the song Bad Habits, which marked a notable shift in his musical style, incorporating more of a pop and electronic sound. The song quickly gained popularity and became a chart-topper in various countries.

Background and Release

Bad Habits was released on June 25, 2021, as the lead single from Sheeran's upcoming album. It was accompanied by a music video that featured Sheeran in a vampire-like appearance, roaming through the night streets. The song's catchy melody and lyrics that explore themes of nightlife and self-reflection struck a chord with listeners worldwide.

Musical Style and Lyrics

The song features a synth-driven pop sound, a departure from Sheeran's usual acoustic style. The lyrics of Bad Habits delve into the theme of how easy it is to fall back into negative patterns of behavior, especially in the context of nightlife and its temptations.

  1. Learn more about Ed Sheeran's career.
  2. Explore the genre of Pop Music.
  3. Understand more about songwriting techniques.

Interactive Tasks

Quiz: Questions on the song

What was unique about the music video for "Bad Habits"? (Ed Sheeran appeared as a vampire-like character) (!It was filmed in one continuous shot) (!Ed Sheeran played all the characters) (!It was entirely animated)

What genre does "Bad Habits" primarily belong to? (Pop) (!Folk) (!Rock) (!R&B)

When was "Bad Habits" released? (June 25, 2021) (!July 25, 2021) (!June 25, 2020) (!July 25, 2020)

What is a prominent theme in the lyrics of "Bad Habits"? (Nightlife and self-reflection) (!Travel and adventure) (!Romantic relationships) (!Childhood memories)

How did "Bad Habits" differ from Ed Sheeran's previous works? (It featured a more synth-driven pop sound) (!It was entirely acoustic) (!It included rap verses) (!It was instrumental)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

What nationality is Ed Sheeran? (English) (!American) (!Australian) (!Irish)

Which of these instruments is Ed Sheeran famously known for playing? (Acoustic guitar) (!Piano) (!Drums) (!Violin)

What is Ed Sheeran's full name? (Edward Christopher Sheeran) (!Edward Brian Sheeran) (!Edward James Sheeran) (!Edward Michael Sheeran)

In which year did Ed Sheeran release his debut album '+'? (2011) (!2010) (!2012) (!2009)

Which of these songs is also by Ed Sheeran? ("Shape of You") (!"Someone Like You") (!"Hello") (!"Thinking Out Loud")

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

Which line is from "Bad Habits"? ("My bad habits lead to late nights, ending alone") (!"I'm in love with the shape of you") (!"We keep this love in a photograph") (!"People fall in love in mysterious ways")

What does the lyric "Every pure intention ends when the good times start" imply? (The onset of fun often leads to questionable decisions) (!Good intentions always lead to positive outcomes) (!Pure intentions have no place in having fun) (!Good times never last)

"Bad Habits" uses night as a metaphor for what? (Temptation and indulgence) (!Peace and quiet) (!Romance) (!Mystery)

Which of these themes is NOT explicitly explored in "Bad Habits"? (Childhood innocence) (!Nightlife) (!Self-reflection) (!Negative patterns of behavior)

The lyric "My bad habits lead to you" suggests what? (A pattern of behavior linked to a specific person) (!A healthy relationship) (!A journey of self-improvement) (!A dislike for habits)


Ed Sheeran English Singer-Songwriter
Bad Habits Released June 25, 2021
Synth-pop Primary Genre of "Bad Habits"
Acoustic Guitar Instrument Ed Sheeran is known for
Nightlife and Self-reflection Themes in "Bad Habits"

Open Tasks


  1. Create a Playlist: Compile a playlist of songs similar to "Bad Habits" in theme and style.
  2. Write a Review: Write a short review of "Bad Habits", focusing on its musical style and lyrics.
  3. Draw a Character: Sketch a character inspired by the music video of "Bad Habits".


  1. Compare Genres: Compare the musical styles of "Bad Habits" to Ed Sheeran's earlier acoustic work.
  2. Analyze Lyrics: Analyze the lyrics of "Bad Habits" and discuss its themes of temptation and indulgence.
  3. Create a Music Video Concept: Develop a concept for a music video for another Ed Sheeran song.


  1. Songwriting Exercise: Write a song that captures similar themes to "Bad Habits".
  2. Interview Project: Conduct a mock interview with Ed Sheeran, focusing on his transition in musical style.
  3. Musical Analysis: Analyze the musical structure of "Bad Habits" and its impact on the song's emotion and message.

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Oral Exam

  1. Discuss the influence of pop culture on the evolution of Ed Sheeran's musical style.
  2. Analyze how "Bad Habits" reflects contemporary issues or societal attitudes.
  3. Compare and contrast "Bad Habits" with another popular song from a different genre.
  4. Explain the role of music videos in the interpretation of a song's message.
  5. Discuss the importance of lyrical themes in shaping a song's identity and audience reception.

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