Donna Summer - I Feel Love - 1977

Introduction to "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer

"I Feel Love" is a groundbreaking song released in 1977 by the renowned American singer Donna Summer. This track is notable for its innovative use of a fully synthesized backing track, making it a pioneering work in the electronic music genre. Its influence extended well beyond its era, impacting the development of electronic, dance, and pop music for decades. For more information on the broader genre, explore Electronic Music and its history.

The Making of "I Feel Love"

"I Feel Love" was produced by the legendary Italian producer Giorgio Moroder and English musician Pete Bellotte. It was part of Donna Summer's fifth studio album, "I Remember Yesterday." The song's futuristic sound, characterized by its synthesized bassline and repetitive rhythm, was a significant departure from the disco and R&B sounds that were prevalent in the 1970s. Moroder's pioneering use of synthesizers played a crucial role in crafting the song's distinct sound. To learn more about the synthesis technology used in this era, visit Synthesizers.

Impact and Legacy

The release of "I Feel Love" marked a turning point in music history. It is often credited with laying the foundation for electronic dance music (EDM) genres like techno and house. The song's influence extended to various artists and producers who sought to replicate its innovative sound. For a deeper understanding of these genres, check out Techno Music and House Music. Additionally, the song is frequently celebrated for its role in LGBTQ+ culture and nightlife, emphasizing its broad cultural impact.

Donna Summer's Career

Donna Summer, born LaDonna Adrian Gaines, was a prominent figure in the disco era of the 1970s. Her career spanned several decades, and she was known for hits like "Hot Stuff," "Bad Girls," and "Last Dance." Summer's powerful voice and dynamic stage presence made her a disco icon. For more about her life and career, explore Donna Summer's Biography.

Additional Resources

To further explore the context and significance of "I Feel Love," consider these external resources: MOOCit for courses on music history and electronic music.

Interactive Tasks

Quiz: Questions on the Song "I Feel Love"

What year was "I Feel Love" released? (1977) (!1980) (!1975) (!1983)

Who was the producer of "I Feel Love"? (Giorgio Moroder) (!Quincy Jones) (!David Bowie) (!Brian Eno)

From which album is "I Feel Love" taken? (I Remember Yesterday) (!Love to Love You Baby) (!Bad Girls) (!Once Upon a Time)

What was groundbreaking about the song "I Feel Love"? (Its fully synthesized backing track) (!Its use of live orchestra) (!Its acapella style) (!Its rock-inspired guitar riffs)

How did "I Feel Love" influence music? (It laid the foundation for electronic dance music) (!It popularized rock and roll) (!It introduced hip-hop elements into mainstream music) (!It brought back classical music influences)

Quiz: Questions on Donna Summer

What is Donna Summer's real name? (LaDonna Adrian Gaines) (!Diana Ross) (!Gloria Gaynor) (!Cherilyn Sarkisian)

Which genre is Donna Summer primarily associated with? (Disco) (!Rock) (!Jazz) (!Country)

Which of these songs is also a hit by Donna Summer? ("Last Dance") (!"Like a Virgin") (!"Girls Just Want to Have Fun") (!"I Will Always Love You")

In which decade did Donna Summer become prominent? (1970s) (!1960s) (!1980s) (!1990s)

Which award did Donna Summer win multiple times? (Grammy Award) (!Oscar) (!Tony Award) (!Emmy Award)

Quiz: Questions on the Lyrics of "I Feel Love"

What is the primary theme of "I Feel Love"? (Love and emotion) (!Travel and adventure) (!Political activism) (!Historical events)

Which phrase is repeatedly used in "I Feel Love"? ("I feel love") (!"I feel joy") (!"I feel happy") (!"I feel dance")

How do the lyrics of "I Feel Love" reflect its musical style? (They are simple and repetitive, matching the electronic beats) (!They are complex and poetic) (!They tell a detailed story) (!They are politically charged)

What is unique about the vocal style in "I Feel Love"? (It blends seamlessly with the electronic background) (!It is purely acapella) (!It features multiple vocalists) (!It includes yodeling)

What does the repetitiveness of the lyrics in "I Feel Love" signify? (It mirrors the continuous rhythm of electronic dance music) (!It represents the monotony of daily life) (!It is a tribute to traditional folk music) (!It symbolizes the complexity of love)


Create a memory game with matching pairs for this topic. Insert suitable texts (at least 5 pairs) using exactly the following format, write only the text and leave no characters out, do not transform anything into a table, etc.

Donna Summer LaDonna Adrian Gaines
"I Feel Love" Release Year 1977
Genre of "I Feel Love" Electronic Dance Music
Album "I Feel Love" Appears On I Remember Yesterday
Producer of "I Feel Love" Giorgio Moroder

Open Tasks


  1. Research the early history of electronic music: Identify other key songs and artists from the 1970s that contributed to the development of this genre.
  2. Explore different genres of music from the 1970s: Create a playlist featuring songs from genres like rock, disco, funk, and soul, including "I Feel Love."


  1. Analyze the influence of "I Feel Love" on modern music: Listen to contemporary electronic dance music and identify elements that can be traced back to this song.
  2. Write an essay on the cultural significance of Donna Summer's music, focusing on how it represented or influenced societal trends of the time.


  1. Create a short documentary on the evolution of electronic music, highlighting "I Feel Love" as a pivotal moment in the genre's history.
  2. Design a digital art piece that visually represents the sound and impact of "I Feel Love," using multimedia tools and software.

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Oral Exam

  1. Discuss how "I Feel Love" differs from other disco songs of its time in terms of musical composition and production techniques.
  2. Explore the relationship between the advancement of technology and the evolution of music genres, using "I Feel Love" as an example.
  3. Analyze the role of gender and sexuality in the disco era, with a focus on Donna Summer's contributions and image.
  4. Reflect on the cultural and social impact of "I Feel Love" on the LGBTQ+ community and nightlife during the late 1970s.
  5. Debate whether "I Feel Love" can be considered a revolutionary song in music history and justify your position with examples.


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