Cheap Trick - Surrender - 1978

Introduction to "Surrender" by Cheap Trick (1978)

Cheap Trick's "Surrender" is a classic rock song released in 1978, an iconic year in the music world. This song, from their album "Heaven Tonight," is known for its catchy melody, memorable lyrics, and its place in rock history. Let's dive into the world of "Surrender" and explore its significance, background, and impact on the music scene.

Background and Release

"Surrender" was released in 1978 by the American rock band Cheap Trick. The song was a part of their third studio album, "Heaven Tonight". With its unique blend of pop, punk, and hard rock elements, "Surrender" quickly became a fan favorite and remains one of Cheap Trick's most beloved tracks.

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  2. Heaven Tonight
  3. 1978 in Music

Musical and Lyrical Analysis

The song features a distinctive opening guitar riff and a chorus that's easy to sing along to. The lyrics tell a story of generational change and the relationship between parents and their children, with a humorous twist. This reflects the cultural shifts happening in the late 1970s.

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Impact and Legacy

"Surrender" became an anthem for a generation and is considered a staple in classic rock. It showcased Cheap Trick's ability to blend humor with rock, a style that influenced many artists. The song has been covered by various artists and featured in numerous films and TV shows, cementing its place in popular culture.

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Quiz: Questions on the song

What year was "Surrender" by Cheap Trick released? (1978) (!1975) (!1980) (!1972)

Which album features "Surrender"? (Heaven Tonight) (!Dream Police) (!Cheap Trick at Budokan) (!In Color)

What is distinctive about the opening of "Surrender"? (A guitar riff) (!Drum solo) (!Piano intro) (!A cappella vocals)

What theme is prominently featured in the lyrics of "Surrender"? (Generational change and parent-child relationships) (!Romantic love) (!Political protest) (!Travel and adventure)

How did "Surrender" impact Cheap Trick's career? (It helped establish them as a significant act in classic rock) (!It was their first and only hit) (!It led to the band's breakup) (!It marked a shift to a new music genre)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

What genre of music is Cheap Trick primarily associated with? (Classic rock) (!Country) (!Hip-hop) (!Electronic)

From which country did Cheap Trick originate? (United States) (!United Kingdom) (!Australia) (!Canada)

What unique style is Cheap Trick known for combining in their music? (Humor with rock) (!Classical with jazz) (!Rap with country) (!Electronic with folk)

Which of these is another popular song by Cheap Trick? ("I Want You to Want Me") (!"Hotel California") (!"Bohemian Rhapsody") (!"Like a Rolling Stone")

In what decade did Cheap Trick gain significant popularity? (1970s) (!1980s) (!1960s) (!1990s)

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

In "Surrender," what do the parents admit to their child? (They were once wild and young) (!They dislike the child's music) (!They are moving away) (!They never liked rock music)

What is the recurring phrase in the chorus of "Surrender"? ("Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright") (!"Just keep on rocking all night") (!"Love is gone but we're still strong") (!"Hold on tight, it'll be alright")

What is the mood conveyed in the lyrics of "Surrender"? (Humorous and ironic) (!Melancholic and reflective) (!Angry and rebellious) (!Romantic and dreamy)

How do the lyrics of "Surrender" reflect the era in which it was released? (They depict generational shifts in the late 1970s) (!They describe the political landscape of the time) (!They are focused on technological advancements) (!They express nostalgia for earlier decades)

What narrative technique is used in the lyrics of "Surrender"? (Storytelling) (!Abstract imagery) (!Direct address) (!Stream of consciousness)


"Surrender" Release Year 1978
Album Name Heaven Tonight
Band's Origin Country United States
Recurring Chorus Phrase "Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright"
Cheap Trick's Music Style Humor with rock


  1. Research Cheap Trick's early years: Look into the band's formation and early years, focusing on their musical style and influences.
  2. Create a 1970s music playlist: Compile a playlist of songs that capture the essence of the 1970s, including "Surrender" by Cheap Trick.
  3. Analyze the lyrics of "Surrender": Write a short essay on the themes and narrative style used in the song.


  1. Design a Cheap Trick album cover: Create your own album cover for "Heaven Tonight" or another Cheap Trick album, inspired by the band's style.
  2. Compare and contrast songs: Choose another song from the 1970s and compare its themes and style to "Surrender."
  3. Explore the impact of "Surrender": Investigate how "Surrender" influenced other musicians or the music industry in general.


  1. Create a documentary script about Cheap Trick: Write a script for a short documentary focusing on Cheap Trick's influence in music.
  2. Analyze the cultural impact of "Surrender": Conduct a detailed analysis of how "Surrender" reflects the cultural and social changes of the late 1970s.
  3. Organize a music event: Plan a music event or a school concert featuring songs from Cheap Trick and other bands from the 1970s, emphasizing the era's musical diversity.
  4. Write a critical review: Write a critical review of the "Heaven Tonight" album, focusing on its production, songs, and its place in rock history.

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Oral Exam

  1. Discuss the influence of 1970s culture on rock music: Examine how the cultural and social movements of the 1970s influenced the rock music of the era, using "Surrender" as a case study.
  2. Explore the evolution of rock genres: Discuss the evolution of rock music genres from the 1970s to the present, focusing on how bands like Cheap Trick have influenced these changes.
  3. Analyze the role of humor in rock music: Explore the significance of incorporating humor into rock music, using Cheap Trick as an example.
  4. Compare generational perspectives in music: Compare and contrast the perspectives and themes in songs from different generations, including "Surrender."
  5. Examine the legacy of Cheap Trick: Discuss the long-term impact of Cheap Trick on the music industry and popular culture.

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