Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue - 1957

Buddy Holly - "Peggy Sue" - 1957

Buddy Holly was an influential American musician and a pioneer of rock and roll. His 1957 hit song "Peggy Sue" is one of his most famous and enduring works. This song not only exemplifies the sound of early rock and roll but also holds a significant place in music history.

Background and History

  1. Buddy Holly's Influence: Learn about Buddy Holly's impact on the rock and roll genre and his influence on later musicians.
  2. The Creation of "Peggy Sue": Discover the story behind the song's creation, including its original title and how it was changed.
  3. The Sound of 1950s Rock and Roll: Explore the characteristics of rock and roll music in the 1950s and how "Peggy Sue" fits into this genre.

Musical Analysis

  1. Instrumentation: Examine the instruments used in "Peggy Sue" and their role in creating its distinctive sound.
  2. Vocals and Lyrics: Analyze the vocal style of Buddy Holly and the lyrical content of "Peggy Sue".
  3. Rhythm and Tempo: Understand the rhythmic patterns and tempo that give "Peggy Sue" its energetic feel.

Quiz: Questions on the Song

What was the original title of "Peggy Sue"? (Cindy Lou) (!Penny Ann) (!Maggie May) (!Betty Sue)

Which instrument is prominently featured in "Peggy Sue"? (Drums) (!Piano) (!Saxophone) (!Electric Guitar)

In which year was "Peggy Sue" released? (1957) (!1955) (!1959) (!1961)

What genre does "Peggy Sue" primarily belong to? (Rock and Roll) (!Country) (!Blues) (!Jazz)

How did "Peggy Sue" perform on the charts? (It was a top 10 hit) (!It did not chart) (!Top 50) (!Top 100)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

In which year was Buddy Holly born? (1936) (!1940) (!1932) (!1938)

What was Buddy Holly's real first name? (Charles) (!Robert) (!William) (!George)

Which band was Buddy Holly a part of? (The Crickets) (!The Beatles) (!The Rolling Stones) (!The Beach Boys)

How old was Buddy Holly when he tragically died? (22) (!27) (!30) (!19)

Which of these songs was also a hit for Buddy Holly? (That'll Be the Day) (!Heartbreak Hotel) (!Hey Jude) (!Good Vibrations)

Quiz: Questions on the Lyrics

What is the name of the girl mentioned in "Peggy Sue"? (Peggy Sue) (!Lucy) (!Sandy) (!Mary Jane)

Which of the following lines is a lyric from "Peggy Sue"? (Oh Peggy, my Peggy Sue) (!I love you, yes I do) (!She was just seventeen) (!You're the one for me)

How does Buddy Holly describe Peggy Sue in the song? (Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Peggy Sue) (!Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely Peggy Sue) (!Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy Peggy Sue) (!Funny, funny, funny, funny Peggy Sue)

What does Buddy Holly say he loves in the song? (Peggy Sue's ways) (!Peggy Sue's smile) (!Peggy Sue's dance) (!Peggy Sue's eyes)

What is the theme of "Peggy Sue"? (Love and admiration) (!Heartbreak) (!Adventure) (!Friendship)


Buddy Holly The Crickets
1957 Release Year of "Peggy Sue"
Drums Prominent Instrument in "Peggy Sue"
Love and Admiration Theme of "Peggy Sue"
Rock and Roll Genre of "Peggy Sue"

Open Tasks


  1. Research Buddy Holly: Find out more about Buddy Holly's early life and his influence on rock and roll.
  2. Listen to "Peggy Sue": Listen to the song and write down your first impressions of the music and lyrics.


  1. Instrument Exploration: Research the instruments used in "Peggy Sue" and how they contribute to the song's sound.
  2. Cover Versions: Find and listen to cover versions of "Peggy Sue" by other artists and compare them to the original.


  1. Musical Influence Essay: Write an essay on how "Peggy Sue" influenced future music genres and artists.
  2. Performance: Learn to play or sing "Peggy Sue" and record your performance.

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Oral Exam

  1. Discuss the evolution of rock and roll in the 1950s and how "Peggy Sue" fits into this history.
  2. Explain the significance of Buddy Holly's vocal style in shaping the sound of early rock music.
  3. Analyze the lyrical themes of "Peggy Sue" and how they reflect the culture of the 1950s.
  4. Compare "Peggy Sue" to other contemporary songs in terms of musical composition and cultural impact.
  5. Discuss the legacy of Buddy Holly and the influence of "Peggy Sue" on later musicians and genres.

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