Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away - 1957

Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" (1957)

Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away” is a significant rock and roll song released in 1957. This course will dive into the history, influence, and enduring legacy of this classic track. You'll explore its musical composition, lyrics, and the impact of Buddy Holly in the rock and roll genre.

Background and History

"Not Fade Away" was one of the early rock 'n' roll songs that helped define the genre. Written by Buddy Holly and his bandmate Norman Petty, the song was originally performed by Holly's group, The Crickets. It stands out for its unique rhythm and influential beat.

  1. Buddy Holly: Learn about the artist's life and career.
  2. Norman Petty: Discover the contributions of Holly's bandmate and co-writer.
  3. The Crickets: Dive into the history of Holly's band.

Musical Composition

The song is famous for its "Bo Diddley beat," a rhythm that became a staple in rock and roll music. The song’s structure and the use of rhythm and harmony were innovative for its time.

  1. Bo Diddley beat: Understand the rhythm that influenced rock music.
  2. Rock and Roll: Explore the genre and its evolution.
  3. Musical Innovation: Learn about how "Not Fade Away" impacted music composition.


Quiz: Questions on the song

What unique rhythm pattern is featured in "Not Fade Away"? (Bo Diddley beat) (!Standard 4/4 rock rhythm) (!Jazz swing rhythm) (!Blues shuffle)

Who originally performed "Not Fade Away"? (The Crickets) (!Buddy Holly as a solo artist) (!The Beatles) (!Elvis Presley)

In what year was "Not Fade Away" released? (1957) (!1956) (!1958) (!1959)

What was unique about the structure of "Not Fade Away"? (Innovative use of rhythm and harmony) (!First use of electric guitar in rock) (!Inclusion of a rap verse) (!Use of a full orchestra)

Alongside Buddy Holly, who co-wrote "Not Fade Away"? (Norman Petty) (!Elvis Presley) (!Chuck Berry) (!John Lennon)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

What is Buddy Holly's real name? (Charles Hardin Holley) (!Richard Steven Valenzuela) (!Elvis Aaron Presley) (!Robert Zimmerman)

Which musical genre is Buddy Holly most associated with? (Rock and roll) (!Country) (!Blues) (!Jazz)

What iconic glasses did Buddy Holly wear? (Thick, black-rimmed glasses) (!Wire-rimmed glasses) (!Sunglasses) (!He didn't wear glasses)

In which state was Buddy Holly born? (Texas) (!California) (!Tennessee) (!Mississippi)

What was the name of the tour during which Buddy Holly tragically died in a plane crash? (The Winter Dance Party Tour) (!The Summer Festival Tour) (!The American Bandstand Tour) (!The Rock 'n' Roll Revival Tour)

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

What is the main theme of "Not Fade Away"? (Love and perseverance) (!Travel and adventure) (!Heartbreak and loss) (!Youth and rebellion)

Which of the following lines is a lyric from "Not Fade Away"? ("My love is bigger than a Cadillac") (!"I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill") (!"You ain't nothing but a hound dog") (!"Walk the line, keep a close watch on this heart of mine")

How does the singer express his feelings in "Not Fade Away"? (By comparing his love to tangible objects) (!Through detailed narratives of past experiences) (!Using metaphors about nature) (!By describing his dreams and hopes)

What does the singer promise in "Not Fade Away"? (To always love the listener) (!To return after a long journey) (!To never change his ways) (!To overcome all obstacles)

What kind of music does the singer mention in "Not Fade Away"? (Rock 'n' roll) (!Jazz) (!Blues) (!Country)


Bo Diddley beat Unique rhythm pattern in "Not Fade Away"
Charles Hardin Holley Real name of Buddy Holly
1957 Year "Not Fade Away" was released
Texas Buddy Holly's birth state
The Crickets Original performers of "Not Fade Away"

Open Tasks


  1. Create a Playlist: Compile a playlist of songs influenced by Buddy Holly and "Not Fade Away."
  2. Design an Album Cover: Create your own album cover for "Not Fade Away."


  1. Write a Review: Write a review of "Not Fade Away," focusing on its musical and cultural impact.
  2. Explore the Beat: Learn the Bo Diddley beat and create a short music piece using it.


  1. Research Paper: Write a research paper on the influence of Buddy Holly on rock and roll.
  2. Musical Analysis: Analyze the musical structure of "Not Fade Away" and its influence on later music.

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Oral Exam

  1. Discuss the Impact: Discuss the impact of Buddy Holly's premature death on the music industry.
  2. Evolution of Rock: Explore how "Not Fade Away" contributed to the evolution of rock and roll.
  3. Musical Influences: Analyze how Buddy Holly was influenced by other genres and artists.

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