BTS - Dynamite - 2020

BTS - Dynamite - 2020

BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단), is a South Korean boy band that has taken the world by storm. In 2020, they released the song "Dynamite," which marked a significant milestone in their career. Let's dive into the world of BTS and their hit song "Dynamite."

Dynamite: A Cultural Phenomenon "Dynamite" is BTS's first song fully recorded in English. The song is known for its upbeat disco-pop sound, and it serves as a message of hope during tough times. "Dynamite" was released during the global COVID-19 pandemic and was intended to bring joy and comfort to people around the world.

  1. BTS: Learn about the band's history and members.
  2. K-Pop: Understand the global impact of Korean pop music.
  3. Disco: Explore the disco genre that influenced "Dynamite."

Interactive Tasks

Quiz: Questions on the song

What record did "Dynamite" break soon after its release? (First K-Pop song to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100) (!First English song to win a Korean music award) (!First K-Pop song to receive a Grammy nomination) (!First song to be performed in space)

Which platform premiered the music video for "Dynamite"? (YouTube) (!TikTok) (!Spotify) (!Vimeo)

What is the primary genre of "Dynamite"? (Disco-pop) (!Hip-hop) (!R&B) (!Rock)

What message does "Dynamite" primarily convey? (Hope and joy in difficult times) (!The struggles of being a celebrity) (!The history of BTS) (!Love and heartbreak)

How does the music video of "Dynamite" start? (With a member waking up in a bedroom) (!With a dance routine in a gym) (!With a scene in a diner) (!With a concert scene)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

What does BTS stand for in Korean? (Bangtan Sonyeondan) (!Bangtan Seonyeondeul) (!Bangtan Sonyeo) (!Bangtan Saramdeul)

In which year was BTS formed? (2013) (!2010) (!2015) (!2012)

Which company formed BTS? (Big Hit Entertainment) (!SM Entertainment) (!JYP Entertainment) (!YG Entertainment)

Which BTS member is known for his fluent English? (RM) (!Jin) (!Suga) (!Jimin)

What is the name of BTS's fan base? (ARMY) (!BLINK) (!ONCE) (!EXO-L)

Quiz: Questions on the Lyrics

What is mentioned in the lyrics as a way to "light it up like dynamite"? (Disco overload) (!Midnight sun) (!Glowing moon) (!Sparkling stars)

Which city is referenced in the lyrics of "Dynamite"? (New York) (!Paris) (!Seoul) (!Los Angeles)

What action is described in the chorus of "Dynamite"? (Dancing through the night) (!Running through the streets) (!Flying high in the sky) (!Singing out loud)

What color shoes are mentioned in the lyrics? (Pink) (!Red) (!Blue) (!Green)

What time of day is repeatedly mentioned in "Dynamite"? (Night) (!Morning) (!Afternoon) (!Evening)


BTS Debut Year 2013
"Dynamite" Genre Disco-pop
BTS's Fan Base Name ARMY
BTS's Formation Company Big Hit Entertainment
Language of "Dynamite" English

Open Tasks


  1. Write a Review: Write a short review of "Dynamite," focusing on its impact on global music.
  2. Dance Tutorial: Learn and record the dance steps of "Dynamite."
  3. Song Analysis: Analyze the lyrics of "Dynamite" and discuss its message.


  1. K-Pop Influence: Research and present how K-Pop has influenced global music trends.
  2. BTS's Discography: Create a timeline of BTS's albums and hit songs.
  3. Music Video Analysis: Analyze the "Dynamite" music video, focusing on its visual and thematic elements.


  1. Cultural Impact Study: Write an essay on the cultural impact of BTS's "Dynamite."
  2. Choreography Creation: Create your own dance choreography inspired by "Dynamite."
  3. Music Production Analysis: Analyze the musical elements of "Dynamite," such as melody, rhythm, and harmony.

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Oral Exam

  1. Global Pop Music: Discuss how BTS's "Dynamite" fits into the global pop music scene.
  2. Language in Music: Explore the significance of BTS releasing an English-language song.
  3. Music and Mood: Discuss how music can influence emotions, using "Dynamite" as an example.
  4. Cultural Exchange through Music: Talk about how BTS bridges cultural gaps through their music.
  5. Evolution of K-Pop: Discuss the evolution of K-Pop and how BTS has contributed to it.

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