Alice Cooper - Schools out - 1972


Alice Cooper's "School's Out" from 1972: A Rock Anthem

Alice Cooper's "School's Out" is more than just a song; it's an anthem that resonates with the spirit of youthful rebellion and the celebration of freedom. Released in 1972, it quickly became a defining track of the rock genre. In this module, you'll dive deep into the story behind the song, its impact, and the enigmatic persona of Alice Cooper himself.

The Song "School's Out"

"School's Out" was released in April 1972 as the title track of Alice Cooper's fifth studio album. Cooper, known for his theatrical and often controversial stage shows, captured the essence of teenage angst and the longing for freedom in this iconic song.

Composition and Lyrics

The song is known for its catchy guitar riffs and memorable lyrics. It combines elements of hard rock and glam rock, genres that were hugely popular in the early 1970s.

Chart Success and Cultural Impact

"School's Out" reached number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became a top 10 hit in several other countries. It is often played at the end of the school year and has been used in various movies and TV shows, cementing its place in popular culture.

Alice Cooper: The Man Behind the Music

Alice Cooper, born Vincent Damon Furnier, is an American singer, songwriter, and actor known for his raspy voice and a stage show that features guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, deadly snakes, baby dolls, and dueling swords.

Early Life and Career

Alice Cooper's journey into the world of rock music began in the 1960s with the formation of his band, also called Alice Cooper. The band gained fame for its theatrical and shocking stage performances.

Solo Career and Legacy

After the band Alice Cooper disbanded in 1974, Vincent Furnier adopted the band's name as his own and embarked on a successful solo career. He is often referred to as "The Godfather of Shock Rock" and has influenced numerous artists and bands in the rock and heavy metal genres.


Interactive Tasks

Quiz: Questions on the song

What year was "School's Out" released? (1972) (!1969) (!1975) (!1980)

Which genre does "School's Out" primarily belong to? (Hard Rock) (!Pop) (!Jazz) (!Country)

What is a distinctive feature of "School's Out"? (Catchy guitar riffs) (!Synthesizer solos) (!Classical piano interludes) (!Rap verses)

Which chart position did "School's Out" achieve on the Billboard Hot 100? (Number 7) (!Number 1) (!Number 15) (!Number 23)

What theme does "School's Out" predominantly capture? (Youthful rebellion and freedom) (!Romantic love) (!Political protest) (!Life in the countryside)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

What is Alice Cooper's real name? (Vincent Damon Furnier) (!David Jones) (!Steven Tyler) (!Brian Warner)

In which decade did Alice Cooper start his music career? (1960s) (!1970s) (!1980s) (!1990s)

What is Alice Cooper famously known for in his stage shows? (Theatrical and shocking performances) (!Acoustic sets) (!Classical music covers) (!Dance routines)

What title is often given to Alice Cooper in the music industry? ("The Godfather of Shock Rock") (!"The King of Pop") (!"The Master of Folk") (!"The Prince of Jazz")

After the disbandment of his original band, what did Alice Cooper do? (Adopted the band's name as his solo stage name) (!Retired from music) (!Formed a new band with a different genre) (!Became a music producer)

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

How does the song "School's Out" begin? ("Well we got no choice") (!"All in all we're just another brick in the wall") (!"I don't need no education") (!"School's out for summer")

Which of the following lines is from "School's Out"? ("School's out forever") (!"I wanna rock and roll all night") (!"We don't need no education") (!"It's the final countdown")

What does the song imply about school? (That it's a restrictive environment) (!That it's essential for success) (!That it's a place for social gathering) (!That it's a source of joy)

What feeling does "School's Out" primarily evoke? (A sense of freedom and excitement) (!A feeling of sadness) (!A desire for learning) (!Fear of the unknown)

Which holiday is mentioned in the song? (Summer) (!Christmas) (!Easter) (!Halloween)


Alice Cooper Vincent Damon Furnier
"School's Out" Release Year 1972
Song's Main Theme Youthful Rebellion and Freedom
Alice Cooper's Stage Show Feature Shocking Theatrical Performances
Genre of "School's Out" Hard Rock

Open Tasks


  1. Explore the Lyrics: Analyze the lyrics of "School's Out" and discuss what they reveal about youth culture in the 1970s.
  2. Create a Playlist: Create a playlist of songs similar to "School's Out" in theme and style.
  3. Art Project: Design a poster for an imaginary Alice Cooper concert, including elements inspired by his stage performances.


  1. Write a Review: Write a review of the "School's Out" album, focusing on its musical style and cultural impact.
  2. Research Project: Research how Alice Cooper influenced the genre of shock rock and present your findings.
  3. Music Analysis: Analyze the musical composition of "School's Out", focusing on its guitar riffs and vocal style.


  1. Compose a Song: Compose a song inspired by "School's Out", incorporating elements of hard rock and glam rock.
  2. Theatrical Performance: Plan and perform a short theatrical piece inspired by Alice Cooper's stage shows.
  3. Historical Context: Research the social and cultural context of the early 1970s and discuss how "School's Out" reflects this era.

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Oral Exam

  1. Analyzing Influences: Discuss how Alice Cooper's music and stage persona may have influenced later musicians and genres.
  2. Comparative Analysis: Compare and contrast "School's Out" with another rebellious anthem from a different era.
  3. Impact of Music: Discuss how music can reflect and influence societal attitudes and changes, using "School's Out" as an example.
  4. Stage Performance Analysis: Analyze the impact of theatrical elements in live music performances, with a focus on Alice Cooper's shows.
  5. Genre Evolution: Discuss how the genre of hard rock has evolved since the 1970s, using "School's Out" as a starting point.

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