AC/DC - Back in Black - 1980

AC/DC - Back in Black (1980)

Back in Black is one of the most iconic rock songs by the Australian band AC/DC. Released in 1980, this song is not just a track; it's a piece of rock history. Let's dive into the world of AC/DC and their legendary song, "Back in Black."

Background and History

Back in Black was released as a part of the album of the same name. It was the first album without the band's original lead singer Bon Scott, who tragically passed away in February 1980. The album and the song were both a tribute to Scott, and marked the debut of new lead singer Brian Johnson.

  1. AC/DC: Learn more about the band's history and legacy.
  2. Bon Scott: Discover the life and career of AC/DC's original lead singer.
  3. Brian Johnson: Explore the journey of the band's new lead singer post-1980.

Musical Elements

The song is known for its hard rock and heavy metal elements, featuring a distinctive guitar riff by Angus Young. The track is a staple of rock music and is celebrated for its driving rhythm and powerful vocals.

  1. Guitar Riff: Understand the importance of guitar riffs in rock music.
  2. Hard Rock: Discover the characteristics of hard rock.
  3. Heavy Metal: Learn about the evolution of heavy metal music.

Cultural Impact

"Back in Black" has left a profound impact on music and culture. It's been used in various movies, TV shows, and commercials, and continues to influence musicians and fans alike.

  1. Rock Music and Culture: Explore how rock music has influenced culture.
  2. Music in Media: Learn about the role of music in movies and television.

Interactive Tasks

Quiz: Questions on the song

What year was "Back in Black" released? (1980) (!1979) (!1981) (!1982)

Which band member wrote the iconic guitar riff for "Back in Black"? (Angus Young) (!Malcolm Young) (!Bon Scott) (!Brian Johnson)

What is "Back in Black" primarily known for in the realm of rock music? (Its distinctive guitar riff) (!Its piano solo) (!Its use of synthesizers) (!Its long drum solo)

What was the unique significance of the "Back in Black" album for AC/DC? (It was the first album featuring Brian Johnson as the lead singer) (!It was the last album featuring Bon Scott) (!It was their debut album) (!It was their only acoustic album)

How did "Back in Black" tribute the late Bon Scott? (By being a powerful comeback and tribute to the former lead singer) (!By including a recording of Bon Scott's voice) (!By featuring lyrics written by Bon Scott) (!By having a silence at the beginning of the song)

Quiz: Questions on the Performer

Which country is AC/DC originally from? (Australia) (!United States) (!United Kingdom) (!Canada)

Who was the lead singer of AC/DC before Brian Johnson? (Bon Scott) (!Angus Young) (!Malcolm Young) (!Cliff Williams)

In what year was AC/DC formed? (1973) (!1970) (!1975) (!1980)

Which AC/DC album is considered the best-selling of all time? (Back in Black) (!Highway to Hell) (!The Razors Edge) (!For Those About to Rock)

What signature stage move is Angus Young known for? (His duckwalk) (!Smashing guitars on stage) (!Wearing a top hat) (!Playing the drums)

Quiz: Questions on the lyrics

What color is predominantly mentioned in the song "Back in Black"? (Black) (!Red) (!Blue) (!Green)

Which of the following lines is from "Back in Black"? ("I hit the sack, I've been too long I'm glad to be back") (!"She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean") (!"Living easy, living free") (!"I'm on the highway to hell")

The lyrics of "Back in Black" reflect a theme of? (Resilience and comeback) (!Romantic love) (!Political protest) (!Fantasy and escapism)

What is the mood conveyed in "Back in Black"? (Powerful and defiant) (!Sad and reflective) (!Joyful and upbeat) (!Mysterious and cryptic)

How do the lyrics pay homage to Bon Scott? (By signaling a strong return of the band despite the loss) (!By directly mentioning his name) (!By recounting his life story) (!By adopting a somber tone)


AC/DC Formation Year 1973
Original Lead Singer Bon Scott
"Back in Black" Release Year 1980
Angus Young's Stage Move Duckwalk
Album's Tribute To Bon Scott

Open Tasks


  1. Create a Playlist: Create a playlist of your favorite AC/DC songs and share why you chose each track.
  2. Rock Music Timeline: Make a timeline of important events in rock music from the 1970s to the 1980s.


  1. Analyze a Guitar Riff: Analyze the guitar riff in "Back in Black" and explain what makes it iconic.
  2. Band Biography: Write a short biography of AC/DC, focusing on their style and impact on rock music.


  1. Music and Culture Essay: Write an essay on how "Back in Black" influenced popular culture.
  2. Performance Recreation: Record yourself playing or singing "Back in Black" and share your interpretation of the song.

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Oral Exam

  1. Discuss the Evolution of Rock: Discuss how AC/DC's music, particularly "Back in Black," reflects the evolution of rock music.
  2. Band's Impact Analysis: Analyze the impact of AC/DC's change in lead singers on their music style and popularity.
  3. Musical Influence: Discuss how "Back in Black" has influenced modern music genres.

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